Vegetable Porridge: Great for pregnant moms in first trimester

If you are reading this, first of all, congratulations!
Now let see how we can help you or your wife (dads reading this material) to get a better appetite.

During the first trimester, the senses of pregnant women will heighten up. Through our doctor visit, we learn that this is very common for the five senses moving into a overdrive as hormonal changes is taking place. Food that you love to eat might start to taste funny or even smell bad. For example, during the first 3 months, meat was a no-go zone for my wife because it smells very bad for her both raw and cooked.

I was starting to feel concerns because of her rejection of food she likes and her appetite becoming smaller. But at the same time, we know that she needs all the energy she can get especially during the first trimester. After trial and error, we found out that she was receptive to vegetables and we came up with this simple vegetable porridge recipe that is easy for her and have much nutritional value.

Vegetable Porridge Ingredients
1/2 a carrot
3 slices of ginger
1 small cube of dried scallop
1/2 a tomato
A pack of Dou Bai (a variation of the Bok Choy) or any vegetables that you like

1. Throw the carrots, ginger, dried scallop and tomato into the porridge
2. Start the rice cooker and set it to porridge mode
3. Add in the vegetables after 30mins later (an estimate is about 7mins before the porridge is ready to serve)
4. add a little salt before serving

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