Say no to white hair with this simple soup recipe

Lotus root with black beans soup: helps in nourishing your hair and improving your cholesterol metabolism.

We got know about this because 👩🏻‍🍳was starting to get worried about her hair. Recently strands of white hair start appearing, mainly due to stress and also aging.

Personally,👨🏻‍💻was also starting to have some white hair along the side (think too much). So when we went to have our biweekly TCM visit we ask the doctor what should we have to nourish our hair.

Black beans are one of the key ingredients that brought up. With that in mind, we search for a few soup recipes and found Lotus root with black beans soup.

The black beans to help with the black hair and the lotus root & orange skin to help improves cholesterol metabolism.


  • Lotus root 300g
  • Black beans 50g
  • Red dates 10g
  • Dried orange skin 5g
  • Ginger slices
  • Add salt before serving

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