How barley water with ginger keeps you cool down and detox

Sometimes on and off, we will make barley water at home. It’s a thing that my mother used to do. Usually during the period when the weather is hotter and drier. Another reason is to help us clear our internal system, sort of like detox through more urination. I’m sure you will feel the same when you have a glass of barley water, it makes you wanting urine more.

But have you wondered why? and what are the other benefits of barley water?

I wanted to find out more so I went reading and here are some of my findings.

Barley is an excellent type of natural diuretic.

A diuretic is any substance that promotes diuresis, the increased production of urine. Wiki

There is a group of sugar called beta-glucans which are presented in the cell walls of barley. Through the increased production of urine, this sugar helps flush out toxins from the body and the intestines through the urinary tract. Thus helping us in cleansing the internal system of the body

Also if you are like me, who frequently suffers from water retention issues, barley water is a great help too. it also helps in flashing kidney stones as barley is rich in magnesium itself.

So how do you make this awesome drink?


Well, you can pay $1.50 for a glass at the hawker center. Or you can easily make your own and less than $3.00 for a big pot. Plus you can add more flavoring to it

To make the most of this healthy drink, we added slices of ginger to it. As we all know that ginger is an incredible herb with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, love the aroma of ginger (kinda of make the drink smells like (teh-alia) & often add slices of ginger into our cooking.

What you need
– 1/4 cup pearl barley: there are many types of barley, the barley that we need is China barley. You can get the ayam brand
– 4 cups of water
– a pinch of salt
– slices of ginger

– have the pearl barley and water in the pot
– heat it to boil and let it simmer about 30mins
– add a pinch of salt and ginger
– you can muddle the grains a little, using a spoon
– if you like you can add lemon, honey or even chia seeds before serving

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