How to have your pans last longer?

We cooked quite a bit but we never really know how to take care of our pots and pans. Here’s a short video about the mistakes we made, how you can avoid making the same mistakes and have your pots and pans last longer.

Mistakes we made:

  • Use high fire on our “Black Diamond” Happycall pan when we are not suppose to. This is very sad because when I made the purchase, I was not aware. We later on learn that the “Black Diamond” Happycall pan is not meant for high heat but often use for medium fire. [The new one that we got recently was “Titanium series”, it is meant for high heat.]
  • Frequent wash with soap and right after cooking. This should not be the case too because we need to give more time for the pan to cool down. Also regular washing with soap not that necessary. Right after cooking, wait for it to cool down. Wipe it with Kitchen Towel, quick rinse and you are good to go.

How to have your cooking pans last longer?

  • When you get your new pan, do not immediately use it. Have it got through a “养锅“ process. This process will help you prolong the lifespan of your cooking pans and pot.
    1. Give it a quick rinse
    2. Have the pan over low fire
    3. Add in two table spoon of oil
    4. Coat it around, let it heat it up slowly
    5. Wipe it with kitchen towel
    6. You will have a shiny pan that is ready for real world action
  • As mentioned above, you do not need to frequently wash it. Kitchen towel and quick water rinsing over it is your best friend.
  • Please if your cooking pans if it is actually suitable for high heat. [do not make the same mistakes as us]

Have an awesome cooking time 🙂

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