Air Fry Ngoh Hiang (五香)

If you love Ngoh Hiang, there is no healthier and better way but to make it on your own. And you can easily do it with an Air Fryer.

Adobe Spark (5)


  • 500gm Pork collar/Pork shoulder – minced
  • 400gm prawns – remove shell, cut to small pieces
  • 1 big carrot – chopped
  • 15pcs water chestnuts – peel and chopped
  • 1 big onion – peel and chopped
  • 2 stalks spring onion – cut small pieces
  • 2 piece Beancurd Skin


  • 1tsp pink salt, dash of pepper
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1tsp corn flour

Steps to healthier cooking:

  1. In a mixing bowl, add in minced pork, chopped carrots, chopped water chestnuts, chopped prawns, chopped onion and chopped spring onion.
  2. Add all the seasoning ingredients into the chopped ingredients. Mix well to combine.
  3. Using a slightly damp cloth, wipe both sides of the beancurd sheet to remove any salt/dirt.
  4. Cut the beancurd sheet according to your preference.
  5. Place a beancurd sheet on a clean dry surface, spoon the meat filling in a roll on the skin. Fold the corner of the skin facing you over the filling, then fold the left and right hand corners over it and roll.
  6. Continue to make rolls with the remaining ingredients.
  7. In a wok, boil some water, steam the ngoh hiang for about 6 to 8mins on med fire. (3/4 cooked) Leave it to cool.
  8. Once cool, placed the ngoh hiang on a baking tray, spray oil over the ngor hiang and airfried at temp 200 degrees for 10mins or till golden brown.
  9. Slice the ngoh hiang and serve warm with dipping sauce.

We like to thank Jeannie Lee for sharing this awesome recipe with us. Jeannie is an amazing home chef and enjoys cooking for her family. She is also very good with kuehs too. Link to her cooking

p.s We have made the photo in portrait mode with ingredients for easy sharing, let us know if you like this format in the comments 🙂 Thank you very much

p.p.s this is also the start of our home chef segment, where we cover Singapore home cooks who are cooking up a fest in their humble kitchens. If you have such a friend, we love to cover him/her too 🙂 just drop us a comment.

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