Boost your brain power with Enoki Mushroom and Spinach

Boost your brain power with Enoki Mushroom & SpinachIf you are feeling lethargic or overwhelm from work. Here’s a simple recipe that will boost up your brain power. We always believe that food is the best medicine. The star that will be responsible for boosting and waking up your brain is Enoki Mushroom.

Enoki Mushroom

Enoki has got linoleic acid as well as chitosan along with being loaded with dietary fiber. In fact these cute little mushrooms have twice amount of fiber of cabbage. So if you have constipation issues, they are your saviour.

sometimes when I get too stress at work, I end up constipating. Some of my friends get this too but what they do is they smoke. They say smoking helps them to release. I do not smoke, so what I do is to add enoki into my meals.

Enoki mushroom are also known as “fungus which encourages intellectual development.” They have good good amount of amino acid which could encourage and foster mental development as well as enhance memory. It is also for the maintenance of health and conditioning the intelligence of kids, for the life extension of the aged; which is one of the reason why Japanese love them.


– Tofu 250g
– Enoki mushrooms 150g
– Chinese Spinach 200g
– Prawns 30g
– Chicken stock
– Salt
– Sesame oil
– Water 2 liters

Steps to becoming stronger

1. Drain tofu from container and cut into cubes
2. Remove ends of enoki mushroom
3. Remove ends of spinach, cut to separate stems and leaves
4. Remove prawns head and legs, de-vein and remove shells
5. Rinse spinach and enoki mushrooms
6. Bring 2 liters of water to boil and add chicken stock
7. Add tofu and enoki mushrooms and boil under medium heat for 10mins
8. Add spinach stems and prawns
9. Add spinach leaves
10. Add salt and sesame oil before serving


Video Recipe

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