How to make Frittata Singapore Style: Silver Fish, Tomato and Cheese

Nothing will impress a lady more than her man preparing a breakfast in bed for her. Here is a simple recipe to achieve this. Making Frittata Singapore Style.

Frittata making gif


  • 3 eggs
  • a handful of silver fish
  • medium onion diced

Steps to impress your partner

1️⃣ heat up the pan on high heat
2️⃣ give it some oil
3️⃣ add in the diced onion, fried it for a while
4️⃣ add in the silver fishes, let it stay
5️⃣ add in the eggs 🍳
6️⃣ get ready to have some fun, flip it around
7️⃣ add salt to taste and impress your partner

Optional: You can also add in cheese and tomatoes

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