Beat the scorching heat with dried vegetable (Bok choy) soup [白菜干汤]

Beat the scorching heat with dried vegetable (Bok choy) soup [白菜干汤]

The weather is getting crazy nowadays especially in singapore where we experience only a single season and surrounded by sea. It’s getting warmer and much more humid. Today, the news said that it will hit a high of 35 degrees celsius.

This soup we are making will help cool down your body and have your body becoming stronger with all the health benefits.

The star here is Dried vegetables aka 白菜干. Some call it bok choy or Chinese white cabbage. Bok choy belongs to the same vegetable family as Kale (the superfood) and Broccoli. Bok choy are rich in glucosinolates – these are sulfur-containing compounds that are great for our health.

Bok choy is packed with nutrients such as iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin K which contribute to building and maintaining our bone structure and strength. Also it is high in potassium that can help to decrease blood pressure naturally.

Cooking Bok choy with the list of herbs below will produce a absolutely hearty and delicious soup that will cool down your body and calm your mind.


Items Amount Benefits
Chicken Bones (can choose to use ribs too) 300 grams
Dried vegetables aka 白菜干 100 grams **explained above
Red Date [紅棗] 6 pieces soothes the nerves to help sleep better, in this hot weather you just need relax
Goji berries aka Wolfberry Fruit [枸杞子] 5 grams
Yu Zhu [玉竹] 15 grams helps restore blood sugar and cholesterol balances and strengthen the heart.
A mixture of Sweet Almond [南杏] and Bitter Almond [北杏] A handful


Sweet Almond is added for more to balance the taste while Bitter Almond is the one with more benefits, it can help with respiratory conditions but need to be added with moderation*

*Despite its medical benefit, bitter Almond should be used in moderation for its slightly toxicity, medical hall will always ask you to mixed a purchase of both Sweet Almond [南杏] and Bitter Almond [北杏]. In this case, the content of Sweet Almond will be more than Bitter Almond.

Steps to becoming stronger

  1. Pre-soak the dried vegetables for at least 1 hour (or until soft).
  2. Rinse and drain them. Set aside.
  3. Blanch the chicken bones
  4. Rinse the herbs
  5. Add all the ingredients into the soup pot
  6. Add in 2.5 litres of water
  7. Set to high heat, simmer for 3 hours
  8. Add goji berries before server and salt to taste

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