Improves concentration with Broccoli and Quail eggs soup

Improves concentration with Broccoli and Quail eggs soup

Nowadays it is almost impossible that you are not working with a connected devices. If you are an office worker, you are likely to be facing the computer for at least 6 hours a day excluding your own digital consumption.

These type of prolong hours facing the computer is bad for our health. Sometimes when I get back from work, I feel totally exhausted. Eyes feeling strain and brain feeling “empty”. The soup we are making aims to help us with our concentration and is great for boosting your brainpower.

The two main ingredients are Broccoli and Quail eggs.

Some of my friends like to associate broccoli as gym food, but we will never expect that broccoli has a source of two crucial nutrients that help improve brain function. Vitamin K helps to strengthen cognitive abilities while Choline has been found to improve memory.

As for Quail eggs, they are known for their high cholesterol because they gave higher yolk-to-white ratio than normal eggs. However, they have an impressively high level of vitamin A found in quail eggs, which means that it helps to protect our vision and eye health. Furthermore, they also contain vitamin B that boosted metabolic activity throughout the body, including hormonal and enzymatic function.


Broccoli 100 grams
Quail eggs (pre boiled for 5 mins) 8 pieces
Fresh mushrooms 5 pieces
Cherry tomatoes 5 pieces
Minced meat 100-150 grams

Steps to becoming stronger

  1. Rinse all the ingredients
  2. Cut broccoli into florets
  3. Cut fresh mushrooms into small cubes
  4. Slice cherry tomatoes into halves
  5. Marinate minced meat with soya sauce and pepper
  6. Put fresh mushroom and minced meat into a pot of boiling water
  7. Boil for 10 minutes and add quail eggs and broccoli
  8. Bring all ingredients to a boil and add salt (to taste)
  9. Add cherry tomatoes before serving

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