4 Surprising facts about Lotus Roots

Despite all the goodness of Lotus Root. Here are 4 things that you need to know.
1️⃣ do not consume any when you are having your cycle, it will make it worst
2️⃣ avoid at least 3 weeks after pregnancy
3️⃣if you are having digestion issues, no lotus Root Soup for you.
4️⃣if possible, when cooking Lotus Root. Try to use wooden utensils. Otherwise it will turn black.
Lotus Roots are consider as “Yin” or cold type of herbs. And when ladies are having cycles or after pregnancy, the body is weak so adding more “Yin” to the body is not recommended. However, there are still lots of goodness in Lotus Roots, we just need to eat them at the right time. ⏰ Improve blood circulation with Lotus root recipe here

For more tips on food health  👉 #123shfaq

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