Fight Fatigue: The Black Gold Chicken Soup [滋补乌鸡汤]

fight fatigue with this black gold soup

Some people like to call this black chicken herbal soup but I like to call it the Black Gold ChickenSoup (I will explain why later)This soup is also one of the common herbal soups that many Chinese prepare at home when the weather turns chilly together with lots of moisture from the monsoons towards the later part of the year.

However, my mom used to make this soup once a month. This black chicken(乌鸡) aka Silkie chicken is the star here. It has twice the amount of antioxidants over regular chicken and is lower in fats (which is why I called it the Black Gold because of its tremendous benefits). It is best prepared with herbs and not deboned to retain all the nutrients.

My mom used to say that this soup will help us fight fatigue, improve our Qi and blood circulation which is why it was prepared once a month.

Now if you do a search online, you will find many recipes for this soup. Each recipe uses slightly different types of herbs. Below are the 8 types that my mom used.

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Ingredients Quantity Benefits
Black Chicken 乌鸡 01 piece twice the antioxidants over normal chicken
Dang Shen 党参 10 grams to correct ‘Qi’ (气) deficiency and improve blood circulation
Goji aka Wolfberry 枸杞 05 grams to strengthen the Liver and Kidneys
Red Dates 红枣 05 pieces to stimulate the production of white blood cells
Huang Qi 黄芪 05 grams build up resistance especially when your immune system is lowered by overworking and stress.
Chuan Xiong 川芎 03 grams dispels pathogenic Wind, and eliminates headaches
Dang Gui 当归 03 grams counters chronic fatigue syndrome
Gan Cao 甘草 02 grams to treat stomach weakness, tired and lack of strength
Gao Li Shen 高丽参 05 grams retreats the heat and heals the lungs and nourishes the stomach
Dried longans 桂圆干 05 pieces helps regulate palpitations and insomnia

8 steps to great health

  1. Cut off the feet and head of the chicken (乌鸡). Discard the head. Remove the claws from the feet and wash clean.
  2. Remove the skin and fats for a less oily soup. (optional)
  3. Cut the chicken (乌鸡) in half
  4. Remove the internal organs and rinse well
  5. Blanch the chicken (乌鸡)
  6. Rinse all the herbs except the wolfberries.
  7. Put the chicken (乌鸡) into the slow cooker and throw in all the herbs too (expect wolfberries)
  8. Add salt (optional) and wolfberries for taste before serve or if you like you can try a few drops of ShaoXing Wine into the soup.

Do you know?

This soup is especially great for ladies too. Dang Gui is found to have oestrogen-like property that nourishes the uterus and helps regulate female hormones. It is one of the essential herbal items often prescribed by TCM physicians to treat pre-menstrual as well as menopausal symptoms. – source

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If you have trouble viewing the video recipe, click here >

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