Diet is a religion

Last week, I caught an interesting video about vegan activism. The story goes that as more vegans try to convince others to get onboard a full plant-based diet, the more they are pushing others away.

The video gave some interesting insights and have suggested that maybe, vegans should take a step back and  reconsider setting a smaller goal. Maybe instead of asking someone to drop meat immediately, they can consider not having chicken as a start.

Here are my thoughts.

But first, I am not a vegan although I am trying to go onto a full plant based diet. A year ago, I drop red meat. Now I am trying to drop white meat from my diet. Maybe you can say that I am 80% vegetarian?

Why am I doing this? My body feels good when I consume less meat and I want to be healthier. (Sorry I digress)

So this is what I believe, diet is like a religion.

You see, it is hard to convince someone to change their belief. It is even harder when we been brainwashed with ads on how “meat protein” is good for us and how we need “them” to be strong.

Think about it, diet is like a religion. People have the freedom to believe what they believe in which is the same as people have the freedom to choose what they want to eat.

I am a free-thinker, but when I was in School, I have this friend “Tom” who keeps pursing me to attend a session with religion X. He will called me, text me and even frequently talk how amazing religion X is when we are at lunch. Instead of becoming good friends, I started to distance him, because I feel “pressured” around him. Does it mean that to be friends, I need to follow his belief.

This is the same situation right now with Vegan activism. Some vegans are going around and asking people to change immediately. We all know that it is impossible. They need to give it time and start with small steps. They also need to show people the benefits that one get when going for plant-based diet. Maybe a plan like mine will work, start with dropping red meat, followed by white and finally maybe dairy.  Take small steps. 🙂

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