The traditional Chinese formula that you never knew that could combat nose allergies.

If you waking up to a running nose, or you are having stuffy nose issues regularly. Very likely, you are having a allergic reaction to the environment.

As industrialisation becomes more rapid and quality of life rises, allergic reactions have become more and more common, affecting 10-20% of the general population. When we talk about allergic reactions, what we’re actually talking about is allergic rhinitis. It’s a chronic nasal inflammation that is caused by allergens entering the body through respiratory channels, usually when they react with mucus in the nose.

So what are the symptoms?

Some symptoms of allergic rhinitis are:

  • Sneezing. Some people can sneeze ten or more times in a row when affected.
  • Clear nasal discharge: A common symptom is when your nose feels more like a faucet, and a pack of tissues a day barely feels like enough.
  • Stuffy nose: Can be extremely pronounced when allergic reactions are at their worst. Often exhibits alternating nasal congestion.

The worst of allergic rhinitis is that for prolong period of time, it caused headaches and might even affect your productivity.

TCM beliefs

Allergic rhinitis is generally caused by poor air circulation in the lungs, and nutritional imbalances. To better circulation and improve body balances, we need to consume food and herbs that warms up our body internally and vitality.

Jade Screen is a traditional Chinese formula (you can find it in this book) to strengthen the immune system and to fight again Colds and Flu. It was developed originally as a treatment for spontaneous sweating that was due to deficiency syndrome. More recently, it has become a therapy for prevention of cold, flu, and allergic rhinitis, and a treatment for viral infections, nephritis, and other disorders.

Jade Screen Formula consists of the following: Astragalus root, White Atractylodes and Ledebouriella root

Medical benefits of each herbs

  • The Astragalus root is considered to be a sweet tonic herb. One of the main traditional uses of astragalus was to support and strengthen the immune system. Because of its ability to boost immunity, it has been used successfully as an early treatment and preventive measure against colds.
  • The White Atractylodes herb is bitter and sweet in flavour, warm in nature. Being sweet and warm for invigorating Qi, bitter and warm for removing dampness, it mainly invigorates the spleen-qi and stomach-qi, removes dampness and activates the spleen.
  • Ledebouriella root aka Fang Feng in Chinese is a herb that has been prized throughout the centuries for its medicinal properties. It is use to relieves symptoms associated with the common cold or flu such as chills, body aches, and headaches. People have also use it to  treat rashes and allergic reactions that affect the skin.

The Jade Screen Chicken [玉屏雞]

The Jade Screen Chicken is a delicious chicken herbal soup that blends the goodness of the Jade Screen Formula.


  • 60 grams of Astragalus root [黄芪]
  • 20 grams of White Atractylodes [白术]
  • 20 grams of Ledebouriella [防风]
  • 1 Whole Chicken

The steps to make this soup is super easy and simple.

  1. Remove the chicken’s feathers and organs, place the aforementioned medicinal ingredients into the chicken’s stomach
  2. Cook on slow fire until the chicken becomes mushy-skinned. (or if you like, you can choose to use a slow cooker)
  3. Season, serve the chicken meat and soup.

As we turn towards monsoon season, the weather is starting to turn cold. We strong encourage you try out this easy to prepare herbal soup to warm you up for cold weather ahead. Furthermore it makes a great #onepotmeal.

We tried out this recipe and we had no problem with it, you can easily get this herbs in medical halls. But to those who are pregnant or nursing or have any medical condition should consult a doctor before taking this or any supplement or herb. Also, those taking any kinds of medication should check with a doctor to rule out drug interaction before taking. I’m not a doctor and don’t play one on the internet so check with yours. 🙂


    • Hello 🙂 that really depends. For us we had it twice a month during the cold season, that is during Dec / Jan in Singapore. You can also check with the medical hall person. He can give suggested portions. 🙂


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