The Five Element Vegetable Soup that fights Fatty Liver [五色蔬菜汤]

The Five Element Vegetable Soup that helps with Fatty Liver [五色蔬菜汤]

The original recipe is from Tateishi Katsu’s Vegetable Soup (aka 5 element soup) based on the five elements theory (wood, fire, earth, metal, water). It is said that the colours of these vegetables help harmonize the forces of yin and yang, acid & alkaline. We have made some changes and cater this recipe for people suffering from Fatty Liver or simple for total body wellness.

Is there any cure to Fatty Liver?

There is no medication to it but one of the most recommended way by doctor is changing our diet. Reducing fatty food, cut meat and add more vegetables into our diet. This five element vegetable soup definitely helps to complement this.

If you are into science of cooking, these are the reasons why the vegetables are chosen

Benefits of the vegetable used:

  • Tomatoes contain coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid that work to protect the body from carcinogens that are produced processed meat.
  • Corn is rich in vitamin B constituents, especially Thiamin which is essential for maintaining nerve health and cognitive function.
  • Broccoli is packed with soluble fiber that draws cholesterol out of your body. This is because the fiber in broccoli helps bind with bile acids in the digestive tract. More here
  • Kelp seaweed is a great source of iodine which iodine may influence glycemic control and reduce blood glucose levels.
  • Onions contain chromium, which assists in regulating blood sugar.

Ingredients (serves 2-3):

  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 broccoli
  • 1/2 piece of onion
  • 50 grams of corn
  • 20 grams of Kelp seaweed
  • Slices of pork (optional)
  • Half pack of tofu (optional)
  • Ginger (only if you add pork)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

5 steps to a healthier liver:

  1. Wash and cut all the ingredients into small pieces
  2. Put in a little oil, stir fry the tomatoes, onion and corn for a short while
  3. Add in seaweed and 2 litre of water
  4. Let it boil
  5. Add in broccoli, salt and pepper to taste

If you like to know more about Fatty Liver:

Fatty liver is a reversible condition that describes the buildup of fat in the liver. While it is normal to have fats in the liver too much of it will cause a problem.

In the early stage of Fatty Liver, you might experience frequent fatigue or vague abdominal discomfort. But prolong Fatty Liver condition could lead to cirrhosis and even liver failure. This can lead to jaundice of the skin and yellowing of the eyes and you might find that there is a tendency to bleed more easily.

Fatty liver develops when the body creates too much fat or cannot metabolize fat fast enough. The excess fat is stored in liver cells where it accumulates to form fatty liver disease. Eating a high-fat, high-sugar diet may not directly result in fatty liver, but it can contribute to it. – Source

Finally, there are many variations to this soup and you are free to mix other types of vegetable if the chosen ones here are not of you liking.

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