War on diabetes

A short video on my thoughts on the NDP Rally 2017 and why diabetes is a key reason I started this site.

In fact, I’m a potential candidate for diabetes, simply because both my parents had it. My dad had it and that caused him both of his legs. My mom had it and it troubled her for years. 

PM Lee conducted showed a survey on the rally. Singaporeans are expected to live till aged 80-82 but the scary thing is that in those years about 6-8 years we are to be plagued by illness. 

We all want to enjoy life and live to long age but what’s the purpose of living long life when you are suffering. 

The important question here is “the quality of life you want to live”

What’s the worst quality of life, it is that you want to die because you are in such pain but cannot. I been though this with my Mom. It feels like shit. 

So the call to stay healthy is real. We need to pay attention to our lifestyle and most important the food we eat. Diet plays a big part in our life. Ever wonder why people from the past decade are so strong, because the diet we had are different. 

Right now, we have lots more food to eat. We sometimes overeat which is worst. And this is one of the key reason I started this site. To communicate and share my learning journey about food. The origin of diet therapy, to explore and find out why we should eat certain food and the benefits behind. 

We need to be aware of our body. If you treat it like shit, you will end up like shit. So remember this happy health, happy life πŸ™‚

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