Weight Loss Soup: Szechuan vegetable soup with lots of tomatoes! [四川菜排骨汤]

First and foremost, I like to point out that just drinking this soup alone will not help in immediate weight loss. To lose weight, you need to have good balance of exercise and diet. I can personally vouch for this. I used to exercise a lot but I simply could not get my weight down until I got my diet in order.

Szechuan vegetable soup is a soup that complements your weight loss diet.

an easy to prepare and simple meal for two

How does it complements?

  1. Easy to prepare 
  2. Low in calories
  3. Having it on its own is able to keep your stomach filled


  • 250g lean pork ribs, blanched
  • 1 large Szechuan vegetables (palm-size)
  • 1 teaspoon of white peppercorn, coarsely crushed
  • 1 pot of water, 1.5-2 litre
  • 2 dried scallops


  • Lots of tomatoes

Lijiuan and I are working so if we prepare  the soup when we reach home from work, it will be quite late already. So we use a slow cooker to solve this problem. We prepare the ingredients the night before and before we leave for work, we throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker and set it to “Auto”. You’ll get the most aromatic  soup, by the time you reached home in evening. I can assure you that it feels really good to come home and have a good bowl of soup ready.

Steps the night before

  1. Blanched the ribs, after it is done. Let it cool and keep it in the freezer.
  2. Wash the Szechuan vegetable thoroughly, cut into quarters

Steps in the morning

  1. Soak the Szechuan vegetable in clean water for 15mins
  2. Put peppercorn into a small ingredient cloth bag.
  3. Add all ingredients  into the slow cooker. The blanched ribs, the soaked Szechuan vegetable and the bag of peppercorn.

We believe you will find great value in having this soup in your weight loss journey. Do let us know if you have any questions!

Have a souper day ahead!

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